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Abacus Solutions is a global provider of IT infrastructure hardware and services that has operated out of Atlanta, GA since 2000.  Abacus offers customized network, server, storage, cloud, as well as IT services and solutions.  At Abacus, We Get IT.

This Partnership enables ICCG to offer to its IBM i series customers a range of Infrastructure support solutions, including Hosting of IBM i, Disaster Recovery and High Availability as a value add service and enablement of sandbox test environments for IBM i customers before they plan an upgrade of their enterprise software – ‘Upgrade Factory” and more.

Abacus Solutions at a glance:

Since 2000, Abacus Solutions has worked with more than 10,000 customers. As the IT industry increasingly became 24/7/365 oriented, they adapted to their clients’ needs with more direct interaction, enhanced offerings, and custom services. We look forward to This partnership will provide Abacus an opportunity to serve more IBM I Series customers running proven enterprise systems such as Infor M3, BPCS, System 21, PRMS and MacPac and Warehouse Management systems like PKMS.

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