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ERP Has Not Changed In 30 Years, So Why Worry About Your Current ERP?


True, MRP calculations, Inventory Control, Finance, and Operations Management are not exactly new concepts. And yet Digital Transformation is said to impact every industry – so does Digital Transformation impact manufacturing? What does Digital Transformation even mean for manufacturers?

There are lessons to be learned from Amazon, Uber and Apple. Just ask the retailers, transportation and telecommunication companies that have been left behind.

If you are not expanding the reach of your ERP to impact your customer experience, your competitors are.

In this webinar you will learn how your ERP can become the self-service portal that customers demand, how mobile applications will improve the efficiency of your employees, how to sell more with an Omnichannel strategy based on the ERP and even how Artificial Intelligence now plays a role in speed and decision making.

What motivates top manufacturers to make the choice to purchase, replace, or upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution may surprise you. Learn how to lead the your company with Digital Transformation, before becoming victim to Digital Disruption.

Reasons to lead the transformation:

  • Customers expect faster delivery and instant access to information;
  • The Cloud has switched the IT discussion from maintaining current environments to improving operations through technology;
  • Manufacturing and engineering skills are in short supply and we need technology that attracts and retains younger talent;
  • We are a data driven society, but lack the data analysis to make strategic manufacturing decisions;
  • The Supply Chain now requires a global view in order to compete with product, pricing, and availability pressures;
  • Data security is in the news daily and has created new risks to your business.

Please join us for this informational webinar to see the real changes in ERP and why leading the Digital Transformation in your business is absolutely critical to your future.

Even if you can’t attend, please register and we will send you a recording.

About your guest speaker:

Kevin Cooper – Regional Vice President
Manufacturing Channels, Infor.

Kevin has not only seen the dramatic changes of technology in manufacturing in the last 30 years, he has been integrally engaged in shaping Digital Transformation in Manufacturing. From SMB to Tier 1, Kevin has engaged with hundreds of manufacturers from more than 40 countries helping them optimize their operations and leap-frog their competitors.

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