Rentals & Equipment

Built For A Unique Set Of Needs.

As an equipment dealer, rental company, or service provider in the construction, mining, agriculture, industrial, or transportation industry, you’re handling some of the world’s heaviest, most complex equipment. The demands placed on your equipment are almost as heavy as the market and customer demands on your business. To keep up, you need tools for continuous control and visibility into every piece of equipment you sell, rent, or service.



  • Built with 25 years of equipment-centric industry experience
  • Specialized by industry
  • On-premise or cloud based
  • Best-in-class analytics
  • Social and mobile applications
  • Powered by Infor10x


Do You Know The Industry Trends? 

To be a successful equipment dealer, you need to know your customers’ equipment better than they do. It’s the only way you can deliver market-leading after-sales service and continuous customer care, whether you are a global firm or a smaller, more tightly focused one. But that’s not all—you also need to deliver on your commitments more quickly and accurately than your competition.


Manage the entire equipment lifecycle—from initial forecasting and sale of equipment, through to shipment, renting, servicing, overhaul, and final disposal—with industry-specific, built-in functionality.

Complete Visibility

Get deep functionality for specialized needs, from tank scheduling and attribute management to track and trace, disassembly planning, and more.


Get an intuitive user experience that can be personalized to fit the varied needs of your employee.

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