Infor PLM Accelerate - Fast-Track Product Realization

Scalable, Flexible, And Fully Featured

Infor PLM Accelerate, powered by aras, is a highly scalable and secure product lifecycle management solution for discrete manufacturers that supports high levels of complexity while flexibly adapting to your company’s changing business practices.

The solution integrates with ERP and CAD systems and unifies the product development process across mechanical, electronics, software, and firmware. It enables you to manage more complex configurations of the bill of materials (BOM), brings data together from across the product lifecycle, securely enables global supply chain access, and provides systems engineering functionality.

Infor PLM Accelerate at a glance:

  • Coordinate new product introduction more efficiently
  • Optimize design reuse from qualified suppliers
  • Streamline hand-offs between departments
  • Flexibly adapt to company-specific competitive processes

Unique capabilities

Built on industry best practices, Infor PLM Accelerate helps you reduce costs and manage products and related documents at every stage of the lifecycle, allowing better process efficiency throughout your organization.

Drive New Product Innovation

Accelerate product realization by putting information in the hands of the people who need it—from ideation and requirements planning to concept development, design, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and retirement. Infor PLM Accelerate features an intuitive interface that offers users a flexible, friendly environment designed to increase productivity.


Develop Enterprise-Wide Agility

Infor PLM Accelerate is designed to keep pace with fast moving market conditions. It helps you respond immediately to changes in supply chain operations, adhere to ever-evolving compliance and regulatory standards, and meet the needs of your customers—now and into the future. The solution is also capable of scaling both up and out to support organizations of all sizes and compliance needs, including the management of petabytes of complex computer aided design (CAD) data.

Improve Accuracy & Profitability

Gain real-time visibility into projects and processes, and make more informed business decisions that benefit your bottom line. The Infor ION ERP connector and optional CAD system connectors assure continuity of data across applications and eliminates costly inaccuracies from manual data entry.

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