Innovations From ICCG - Portal Store Front

Portal Store Front.

Port Store Front software is easy to use, feature rich point of sale software designed for retail businesses with multiple stores with Lawson M3 back end integration. The PSF is to streamline the retail checkout process. It not only handles all the POS functions but has Items, Customers, Inventory Control, sales ticketing, records all sales transactions, prints receipts for customers and manages pricing and discounts.

The easy integration feature of PSF with Lawson M3 (or to any ERP) increases the business efficiency and tight integration between stores and back office. The integration between PSF and M3 can be done real time through online or through batch processing through scheduled data replication process.

PSF Features:

  • Order Entry
  • Sales Ticket
  • Sales Return
  • Advance invoicing
  • Payment with credit card authorization
  • Loyalty and Discount Programs
  • Day End
  • Data Replication to M3 (back end application)

The PSF Order entry does booking the order and allocating the item. The price list, discount and sales tax are calculated as defined during the order entry.

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