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Is Your Company Selling To Healthcare Providers And Using Salesforce?

You need ICCG’s Healthcare Data on Demand App. The app constantly pulls the most up-to-date healthcare provider data into Salesforce from ICCG’s data partner, Healthcare Data Solutions.

Healthcare Data on Demand accelerates your ability to glean meaningful commercial insights for your sales, marketing, and compliance teams.

The app integrates seamlessly into Salesforce and gives you access to the app integrates seamlessly into Salesforce and gives you access to the most complete and accurate healthcare provider data available. You will avoid duplicates, identify new prospects faster, and enhance your practitioner knowledge with just a quick click! Data delivered through our Healthcare Data on Demand App is provided by our partner, Healthcare Data Solutions.

Healthcare Data Solutions at a glance:

  • Access accurate healthcare provider data, including over 1.8 million Provider records, multiple location information, hospital affiliation and more.
  • Check for duplicate records and prescriber updates.
  • Find the latest provider credentials, including NPI and DEA numbers and State Licenses.
  • Import all search data to keep your CRM up-to-date.
  • Access premium data elements, such as email, EHR vendor, SPI and sanction information.
  • Improve marketing and sales ROI.

Healthcare Data on Demand operates on multi-source data for Profiles (Healthcare Organizations, Healthcare Professionals, Payers, Patients or Locations).  It identifies affiliations between these Profiles to understand the impact of inter-connectivity. With that, it stitches together a business view in which the key ingredient is multi-source data.

Healthcare Data on Demand for Life Sciences is available as an add-on.

MiMedx Group, Inc. Teams with ICCG

“The ICCG healthcare data on demand integration with Salesforce saved us many man hours related to data reconciliation by significantly reducing creation of duplicate accounts and contacts and providing us with the most update to date information for those accounts and contacts.”

Ratish Bhaskaran
Director, Informatics Development

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