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What exactly is eShop?

On the internet, B2B (business to business) is the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers.

Although early interest centered on the growth of retailing on the internet (B2C), forecasts predict that B2B revenue will far exceed B2C revenue in the near future.

According to studies published in, the money volume of B2B exceeds that of B2C by ten to one.

Core Product:

  • Order entry
  • Order inquiry
  • Product catalog
  • Contract catalog
  • e-mail confirmation
  • Shopping cart
  • Supports customer based pricing
  • Promotions and deals
  • Repair order processing

ICCG’s eShop Solution

ICCG’s eShop enables companies running Movex to participate in this lucrative internet B2B marketplace. The product is real time, seamlessly integrated with Movex with good response times for ease in browsing through the various web pages.

Why ICCG’s eShop?

Customers can’t buy a product that they don’t know about. ICCG’s eShop offers affordable, easy to deploy, full catalog-based B2B web shopping with immediate order placement in Movex over AS/400 data.

With eShop, existing customer’s can see a fuller picture of your existing product line. eShop makes it easier to buy more. Attract new customers. Search engines will pick you up.

eShop is Simple to Integrate with Your Existing Website and Catalog.

  • Fully configurable and customizable
  • Platform independent, non-intrusive with relatively small footprint
  • Comprehensive security

Create and easily maintain attractive and easy to navigate product catalogs equipped with flexible tree structures and corresponding real-time access to product data.

Easy to Create, Simple to Navigate Catalogs

  • Both General and Customer-specific Catalogs
  • Shopping Cart with secure online payment options
  • Full-Function Shopping Cart
  • Customer-Specific Pricing and Views
  • Allows for personalized product offerings, pricing, delivery or total order amount limits.
  • Tailored order guides with order history, enables customers to make repetitive orders
  • Shipping history
  • Credit checking utilizing Movex configuration


  • Utilizes Movex’s pricing functionality
  • Offers customized quotations – real-time accurate item pricing including Movex’s special pricing, shipping charges and sales tax based on customer profile in Movex.

Order Information

  • Order status and history
  • Order tracking
  • Scheduled shipping dates
  • Multiple delivery addresses

Real-time shipping and order information

  • eShop Repair Order Processing
  • Suitable for Multi Location Suppliers / warehouse Outlets
  • Seamless Integration with Movex
  • Flow of Repair Order Entry through delivery utilizing Movex
  • Easy for users to create efficient work procedures for all kinds of repair order
  • Receive and respond Customer inquiries
  • Track repair orders to insure timely completion of orders
  • Process all repair charges to eliminate billing errors and insure cost savings
  • Process / track all the items sent to vendors and covers the flow from estimate through delivery.

Four Layer Security

  • Communication and transaction security and reliability – allows for encrypted, authenticated data transfer while protecting the application data and systems.
  • User account authentication
  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) transmission
  • Internet Firewall protection
  • Transaction server security

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